Baggage Wrapping protects your bags

Give your baggage extra protection with wrapping!

bagport offers a stretch wrapping service that protects your baggage on its whole journey.

Our Service Associates wrap your items such as regular sized suitcases, bags and rucksacks for our standard fee (see price box). We can also enwrap larger bulky items, this may be charged a bit more according to the material effort. For ease of transport, a hole is made for at least one handle and for the wheels.

Some advantages of WrapPort:

  • The risk of theft during the journey is reduced.
  • Protection against scratching as well as the weather.
  • The risk of your luggage being used for smuggling is reduced.


Protection for your bags and suitcases during the whole journey.

Price: From £7.00
24 hours

This Service is provided to you at:

Bristol Airport
Location: Terminal Entrance Departures
Call us: +44(0) 754 520 5934

London-Luton Airport
Location: Terminal Entrance Departures
Call us: +44(0) 754 520 5936

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