"MailandFly" – The Postal Service

prohobited item in hand baggage at security control at airport

Don't throw it away, send it by mail!

With MailandFly bagport offers a special service to passengers who are forced to dispose of prohibited items at security control due to security regulations.

MailandFly is a mail service located directly at security control. The passenger now gets the choice whether to throw a prohibited item into the waste bin or into the MailandFly collecting container. When choosing the service passengers receive an individual code that works as a tracking number. Via internet they now can register to retrieve their item.

MailandFly is a very efficient solution to recover your belongings as passengers can swiftly take all necessary action online. They decide on e.g. destination address, mail-order option, or payment method after their flight.

A service that relieves all involved parties from stress and makes air travel more enjoyable.

You disposed off an item in one of our bags/containers?

Enter your code here: www.mailandfly.com
Read our MailandFly Terms


Had to dispose of an item
at Security Control and put
it into the MailandFly containers?

Service fee: £6
Open: 24hours (online)

Go directly to the MailandFly site and enter your tracking code:

MailandFly »

This Service is provided to you at:

Heathrow Airport

Call us: 0844- 824 3115 (within UK)
or: +44 (0)208 634 4130 (internat.)

Office Opening Times:
Daily: 07:00 - 19:00
Phone Hours:
Daily: 09:00 - 17:00

* * *

Bristol Airport
Call us
: +44 (0)844-824 3103

Phone Hours:
Daily: 08:00 - 17:00

* * *

London Stansted
Call us
: +44 (0)844-824 3109

Phone Hours:
Daily: 24/7

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